Thursday, April 03, 2014

ULTIMATE GYM - Membership Driven Gym.

Those who know of Ultimate Gym, also knows that since the beginning of the clubs existence, we have always been a membership driven club. In layman's term, clients sign up as a member in order to use the facilities whereby they will receive free basic training, enjoy the discounts on supplements or just enjoying free seminars when there is one scheduled.

So what happens to those that would like to use the facilities but cannot commit to being a member for whatever reasons? Well, we allow Walk-In non membership at a specific flat rate to clients such as these. Of course, non-members do not enjoy the full benefits that of a full fledged member.

It only makes sense to protect your member's interest in your gym. They are the ones who will keep coming back to use the facilities and continue supporting the club therefore it is only fair and right that we have some sort of crowd control here.

If Walk-Ins were charged lower than present, then it makes no sense for these paying members that have been supporting the club to continue doing so simply because it is unjust towards them.

Putting things into perspective here may help future clients understand better as to why Ultimate Gym practices what we practice now.

Monday, January 06, 2014

ULTIMATE GYM - New Look & Feel - 2014 !

A lot has taken place in the last couple of years here at ULTIMATE GYM !

With the fitness industry booming and going crazy, gyms are popping up just about everywhere, it was only right and necessary for us to refurbish our gym as well. It wasn't as though the facilities we had before were redundant but, to appease the likings of the public, we decided to go with the flow and have some of the newer design machines brought in.

The entrance to the gym were also given a new lease of life with new vibrant colours as opposed to the dull ones we had earlier adopted. Vibrant colours do, to a certain extent, effect our mood in the gym so we made sure some of the colours we chose for the gym were just enough to spark a positive mood while not overdoing it.

We are also going to upgrade the existing pictures of some of the great champs in bodybuilding to a broader spectrum of sports such as boxing, martial arts, basketball, swimming and so on. To a certain degree, this would add spice to the gym where members will not feel as though this center is purely for bodybuilders but that it also caters to sports outside of bodybuilding.

Hopefully, with god's grace...and more planning, we will be able to further upgrade our facilities so that members will receive even better facilities and services.

2014 will hopefully see more improvements !

Thursday, October 10, 2013

POWER COUPLE - Revisited.

It is now moving into our 4th year being together. Both Lilian Tan and I share the same passion as far as bodybuilding is concerned . Of course there are several other interests that we both share but bodybuilding is top of the list. We are now being identified by certain sectors of the public as 'The Power Couple' simply because  both of us are into bodybuilding but that wouldn't be complete. Not until we are seen and heard conducting talks , giving motivational seminars or bodybuilding workshop together.

 Often enough, we would sit and discuss materials related to fitness and bodybuilding, diet and nutrition and so forth. Knowing that someday we would like to venture into this area, we started putting things together just to be prepared for that very day.

Well , that moment came much sooner than anticipated. Before we knew it, we were contacted by Mr.Dan Ling, proud owner of Phoenix Gym, located in Kuching, Sarawak. He wanted us to fly over to conduct a fitness, bodybuilding and nutrition workshop at his gym. I am sure it was quite an experience for the people that attended our program.

Lilian and I were very excited and happy with everything considering this was to be our very first time conducting a fitness and bodybuilding workshop together. History was made that day! We are certain that our workshop helped shed some light to those that were present that day. As time goes by, both of us will definitely try to offer more packages related to this wonderful industry.

Mr.Dan Ling, owner of Phoenix Gym, Kuching, Sarawak was certainly a very good host too. On top of giving us this opportunity to work together, his hospitality was par none!
Someday, we would hope to be able to travel around the country, providing valuable information on how to live a healthy lifestyle through bodybuilding. Until that day comes, Live life Full Throttle, Live Life Healthy !

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Revised Location Map to Ultimate Gym.

ULTIMATE GYM has been around since 1991. Although being in existence for so many years, the newer generation among most still does not seem to know where we are situated. So it is perfectly understandable that many people wonder where our location is.

Well, in the past, maps have been posted on my blog (this one), but since certain landmarks have since been changed, it is time I re-post an updated version so people will not get confused. Just click on the location map below to get directions.

Alternatively, you can click on this GOOGLE MAP to get a more comprehensive map on how to get here.

So, now that you know where to find us, c'mon down for a great workout!

Friday, May 17, 2013 - Revamped !

As promised, this here serves as an official announcement that has been totally revamped and is up and running.

Prior to this, my official website had many flash applications rendering it useless to those who use any sort of Apple products. So my bro MURAD ZAIDI helped me re-do the entire site to what it is now.
Many thanks to you bro !!!

The site basically delivers some artistic and graphic ideas while delivering the necessary information...keeping it sweet and simple.
Picture below is just the header from the website. To view the rest, just click HERE.